Do you look forward to the day of creating content with anxiety or palpitation?

Is your brain already tired by the thought of writing content?

Have you given up writing content due to lack of results?

This is the phase where most content writers feel helpless.

They say that if they have good writing skills, people would love their content. If that is the case, all the people would have left their jobs.

If you have to choose between writing skills and strategy, always choose the latter.

Content created with great strategy and consistency will bore the results at some point in time. And before you know it, half the war is won.

                                 Making life better=Content strategy

Sounds like a hippy business, doesn't it? But it is really simple and easy to follow through.

I recommend following these basic rules:


1.Get to know your audience and then empathize with them.

It is important to get customer insights before launching any product. Note down the characteristics of your audience, "What do they like?", "How do they want things to be done?", "What sort of problems haunt them? ". Social media is a great way to understand your audience. We can easily judge the characteristics of our audience through their social media posts, or the topics they follow. However this practice cannot be done on a large scale. We need something efficient and better.

Try these websites and tools. These are an asset in understanding customer behaviour

· Answer the public

Search listening tool for market, customer & content research - AnswerThePublic
Use our free tool to get instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers. Upgrade to a paid plan to monitor for new ways that people talk & ask questions about your brand, product or topic.

· YouGov profiles

YouGov | Profiles
Profiles is YouGov’s segmentation and media planning product for agencies and brands.

· Google keyword planner

Choosing the Right Keywords To Use | Google Ads
Unsure of what keywords to target? Identify the most relevant keywords for your brand with Google’s keyword suggestion tool, the Google Keyword Planner.

· Amazon

Amazon! How could I use amazon to get customer insights?

1. Go to amazon


2. Try searching for any keyword


3. A list of autocompleted options will appear. Since these options are filtered by amazon, you are assured that they are in trend.


The list does not end here. You may use google forms to get customer insights. Creating google forms is an easy task.


Share it on Whatsapp, facebook and other social media platforms.

2. Make your content relevant and recommendable.

In today’s world, publishing second rate content is a total waste of time. You will hear people complain: “I spent years crafting content but did not get anything out of it”. A closer look at your content shows why that is.

Flood your content with statistics, pie chart and data that resonate with your content. Audience loves the truth. Give them an actual number and they will come to you again and again. Everything you write should be meaningful, correct and true to your knowledge.

3. Make your life better by getting in front of them.

If you are in a particular field, business, service, write about your experiences. People love to hear a story. They will learn from your experience. It will make their life better and help them make a good decision.

4. Heart, not mind.

You might be naturally talented in advertising and have exceptional communication skills, but if you want to reach out to the people, you should impress their heart instead of the mind. Convey your message to your audience in the form of a true story so that they can relate it to themselves. Set the tone, an expectation and then give them a taste of your story. Write in a way so the audience naturally surrenders to you. Cent-percent loyalty, sincerity, dedication, devotion, commitment and involvement with your customer is what you need.

Nobody is perfect until they bring the perfection in themselves. You will hustle, as you must. There are no absolute certainties; sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. Either your product will sell, or it won't.

You are a fast-paced, growing startup. Your work is evolving, and ownership and accountability are your key areas of responsibility. Do not let the criticism, frustration and irritation stop you from growing.

4.Teach them something. Entertain. Inspire. Make them smile.

People surf the internet either to learn or to entertain themselves. Give the audience what they crave. Instead of showing the features of your product, show them how your product may solve their problem, how it will make their life easy. Your aim should be to see through and understand the problems people face.

I remember explaining the basis behind youtube distraction.

It is no secret that many of us surf youtube to look up something important and get distracted by our home feed and end up wasting hours. We showed how youtube detox,one of our product,( can help them solve their problem. It brought a smile on their faces, which in turn brought one on ours.

So tell me, how are you going to put a smile on the face of your target audience?


Content is anything that adds value to reader's life. You know the best part about content is that it is enduring. You have created a content now and it will continue to add significance to people's life.

Let me know what you think, in the comments.

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