“Monitor your fans, don’t just collect them like Pokemon cards”


Internet and social media are effective channels of communication.

· They help us interact with our audience.

· They aid the process of reaching out to potential customers.

· They help increase our brand value among the masses.

But we must realize that the platforms such as internet and social media are not just one-way paths. As much as we plan on using social media effectively, general masses or our competitors can also use it in a similar manner.

For instance:

  1. Unhappy customers might use social media to defame or criticize our brand.
  2. Pissed off customers might share their experiences on social media, which may ultimately lead to the degradation of our brand. We do not want such a stigma to grow in the market.

Since internet is an open platform it is accessible to all, competitors can also advertise on social media. They may join conversations surrounding our products or services, and unfortunately we cannot stop them.

Who will protect your brand from fake news?

And what if some people start spreading fake news and rumours about your brand. Who will manage that hassle?

Coming to the point, we need to do it on our own.

Your business is not just limited to your site. It could be anywhere on social media in the form of comments, blogs, news, and might just be on Twitter and getting shared on Whatsapp.

Awareness about this is crucial for determining and ensuring business growth. We cannot afford the development of a negative image of our company. We need to stop before it becomes a full-grown tree, we need to uproot it just as the toxic seeds begin to show visible signs of life.

To further elaborate with the aid of an example, let's assume someone spreads a rumour that the product we sell is composed of toxic chemicals. This will cause panic among our customers and will definitely degrade the image of our brand, crushing every single development we've toiled for so far.

This is a serious and mainstream case, but we must also have our eye on less side, seemingly less important topics and comments. Like someone complaining about poor customer care services, which brings the service department's reliability under doubt.

Remember our role does not end here. We must also be watchful of our competitors or the companies involved in the same field. We should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

To understand their working better,

· Get an insight on how they handle customers and the problems that haunt their customers.

· Try to participate in every discussion related to your competitors.

· Provide clarifications and apologise if a mistake has been committed by you.

· Try to win the customers of your competitors. For example, if someone posts on social media saying they bought a particular product at a cheap price, you can comment and let them know how you sell the same product at a relatively low price or same price. Perhaps this won't be useful in the case of the customer you are referring to, but will definitely attract potential buyers of the same product.



· Use google alerts

Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content
If you are in fast food business,then McDonalds is your competitor. Create an alert for the same.
Set the alert settings according to your need. You can set the delivery option either your E-mail or RSS feed.

· Ever heard of Talkwalker or Hootsuite? These are great social media monitoring tools. I have personally used them both. If you are a small enterprise, I suggest you go with Hootsuite or else Talkwalker is a better option.

Hootsuite - The Best Way To Manage Social Media
Hootsuite is a social media management platform for business. Manage all of your social media profiles including Twitter and Facebook from a single dashboard, schedule tweets and posts, and measure your results with Hootsuite Pro.
The #1 Social Media Analytics & Monitoring Platform
Talkwalker is an incredibly powerful social media analytics tool & social media monitoring tool recommended by brands and agencies worldwide.

· You should be aware about every comment. You can use RSS feeds to help you out.

Get your hands dirty on RSS.

These methods are useful but we need more. Use the following, tried and tested trick, to sort things out.

  1. Go to google

2. Type the keywords of interest by placing the word ‘OR’ between them

3. For example 'my brand' OR 'my product' OR 'competitor product'

Google will show pages containing both search terms

4. 'OR ’ must be in capital letters.

5. If your search term is not a single word and if it contains two separate words or a phrase, put those words in quotation marks.

For example fox OR “Fox entertainment”.

7. If you will not use a quotation, google will bring pages with word fox and entertainment, not pages with word fox entertainment.

8. If you want some phrase missing from that page, use '-' sign with the desired word or phrase.

Fox OR entertainment -blue.

9. Suppose you do not want pages of  ''Blue company'' in your search results, then ‘-’ must be attached to Blue.

10. Suppose you do not want search results from your website, try ''Fox OR handle -site:my company''. ‘-’, ‘site’, ‘:’, ‘my company site’ must be attached.If there are spaces, the search will not work.

Fox OR handle -site:my company


This is what my experience has taught me, although I learned it late 😓 but it is not too late for you to learn the same.


  Let me know what you think, in the comments.

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