WE ARE ALL AWARE of GOOGLE, RIGHT? Remember the last time when you were searching for your delicious food item on google. You probably came across a lot of restaurants selling your dish. These restaurants share information about their services with Google.Google display their services, at a specific location in search results for a small amount of money. This is known as Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a great way to boost your appearance on the digital platform.

What do you need to share with Google to advertise on its platform?

Think about a little. What you will share with customers to advertise in the offline world?

Your phone number, address, working hours and services. The same will be required in the digital world.

Creating ads in Google Adwords is easy and requires a small amount of money but it does not mean it will bring you instant profit.

Clicking your ad and visiting your website is not enough. People visiting your website should do something like purchasing a product, make a reservation or book a ticket.

Many people complain that ads bring no profit. Ads are the first step to your profit.

With an advertisement in digital media, you can track clicks that directly links to sale on your website.


Consists of websites, Gmail, blogger,youtube and even apps.


All of these are part of Adwords but serves a different purpose, which we will discover later in this chapter.

TRIVIA: According to a recent study by Google, 56% of people consulted Google before purchasing either from an electronic or physical store. For some business such as hotel and tourism, this percentage is close to 82.

This means that some psychological tricks could be used here.


Before knowing about Ad rank, we must have a thorough understanding of pay per click(PPC) and the quality of the ad.

Pay Per Click(PPC): Pay per click is defined as the amount you will pay Google when someone clicks on your ad. This amount can vary and it depends upon how much you are willing to pay.

Quality of ad: It refers to how much value is your advertisement for the customer. The quality of your advertisements depends upon a score which ranges from 1 to 10.

Moving to our main topic that is Ad rank.

Ad rank =CPC * Quality score.

Many people are not willing to pay a hefty sum for Cost per Click(CPC). So what can be done to improve your ad rank? Simple, improve your quality score.

Follow these basic rules to improve your quality score.

· Landing page should contain terms of use and privacy policy.

· We should not have the same landing page for all our ads.

· Online experience should be smooth and flawless.

· There should be easy navigation and faster loading speed of pages.       No technical issue should bother the customer.

· The advertisement should be addressed to the right people in the right way and should give the right message.

· It is better to make more ad groups, each of them targeting less and more specific keywords. For example, if you sell shoes, classify them into party wear, sportswear, casual, training shoes.

Click-through rate (CTR)

Click through rate=Clicks/impressions.


Clicks=number of times, your ad is clicked.

Impression=number of time your ad is displayed in the Google display network.

For example, if your ad is clicked 5 times and it is displayed 10 times then CTR=5/10=0.5

CTR>1.5 is considered good, but it is only a general rule.

An advertisement that appears in the first position has a greater CTR as compared to advertisements shown in second and third position.


Before knowing conversion tracking we must be aware of the term conversion. Conversion refers to any desirable action committed on our website. It can be buying a product or subscribing to your newsletter.

To track the user, we need some code and it can be found in the conversion section. Go to tools option in AdWords.


The conversion for our site are counted in two ways:

· One per click: Suppose a customer landed on your website and performed many actions like subscribing to your newsletter, placing an order, filling a form. In one per click, the only first action will be counted. If the customer has placed an order and subscribed to your newsletter, then only the action of placing an order will be counted.

· Many per Click: Consider the previous situation, where customer landed on your website and performed many actions. In many per click, all the actions will be counted. Many per click are valuable when you are running an e-commerce website.


Conversion tracking connects keywords, ads and profit. It helps us determine which ad is bringing sales and which ad is only bringing people.


Google allows us to optimize our ad with its tool known as conversion optimizer. To work properly, the conversion optimizer uses the history of each campaign as a benchmark, to understand what kind of clicks bring conversion and sales. It gives us a suggestion about maximum CPA(Cost per advertisement) bid and recommends target CPA offers to give us a suggestion on the amount we should spend on each sale conversion.

If the suggested cost is in your range, use it. Even it is not in your range, I recommend to use it to allow Google to gather more information about what works and what does not.

At first, the user of conversion optimizer must invest some money to allow it to collect as much data as possible. Even if the sales do not bring the desired profit we are hoping for, we should consider it as an investment that will give this tool a chance to work in the best way possible for your business. If we are entering good data in conversion optimizer we are ensured that we will receive good output.




· Insufficient statistics: Without enough information and data using ad words is like travelling without a map. We need data to take decision effectively. Data helps us to target only those people who can become our customers. This will save us a lot of time and money. Google Analytics is the best tool available to help us gather valuable data.

Your conversion optimizer should be attached with google analytics.

· Make separate groups for each product you sell. For example, if you sell women's shoes, segment them in separate groups like trainers, boots, heels. Ensure all group contains keywords that are relevant to that group.

· Another mistake using ad words is to create similar campaigns across both the search network and the google display network. Both are google’s ad network but there are significant differences between them. They target a completely different audience.

In the search network, the user is explicitly searching for product or service. For example, searches for ‘hotel in Delhi’ indicate that a user is looking for a specific place and is researching the purchase.

This means that the click made on our advertisement is much more likely to lead a sale.

Instead of google display network user does not have our product in mind. They could simply be reading an article on a blog or browsing when they come across our advertisement.

This means even if the user clicked on our ad, it would be more out of curiosity than to buy, statistically speaking.

Create multiple versions of each advertisement: Creating multiple versions of an advertisements lets you which ad variation will work for you. It will also prevent audience fatigue by preventing them from viewing the same ad again.



Advertisements are a great way to give a head start to your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Advertisements are designed to influence our purchasing decision and associated behaviour. They influence our sub concious mind and if you are aware most of our decisions are driven by the sub concious mind only. If you notice most of the products you buy are under the direct influence of advertisements.

Try to recall a situation in your life where you have bought something and you really do not require it. Your purchase was concluded under the influence of ads. With advertisements in digital space, you are going to achieve the same regarding your products/services🤑.

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